This past summer was a great time to get out and active.  We set—and met—a goal to inspire 3 million people across the country get the ball rolling:  to play, run, jump, and find happiness by being outdoors and active. We visited communities all over the country with programs, events, and gear to help everyone rediscover the fun of getting out and about, and getting active.

Here’s just some of the fun we had this summer:

  • Kick it. We gave away thousands of Coca-Cola soccer balls at events like Coca-Cola Swelter Stoppers, and at
  • Track it. From June 21 - September 2, thousands of people visited for a chance to win a Misfit Shine™ device, which tracks activities like running, swimming and biking, monitors steps taken and calories burned, and syncs with your iPhone.
  • Park it. The search for America's Favorite Park helped turn fitness activities into votes that won recreational grants for parks across the country.
  • Shake it. Our Happiness Trucks toured the country, pumping out some of the hottest music of the summer to get everyone dancing.

For a full list of events, see our Get The Ball Rolling Calendar

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