We understand that the vaping world can intimidate you at first, especially for beginners who don’t know how to vape. There are various e-liquids on the market. It might, therefore, be a challenge to know where to start.

An e-liquid, commonly known as a vape juice, is a liquid used in vaporizers. When poured into a pod or tank, it soaks into a wick that’s in contact with a coil - a heating element.

Applying power to the coil causes it to vaporize the juice soaked into the wick for the user to inhale.  

The various vape flavors mean everyone can have their preferred taste.

In this article, you’ll learn about vape flavors and vape juices. It aims to explain the elements of vape juices and the various vape flavors. Let’s get started. 

What’s in Vape Juice? 

Suppose you’re a beginner vaper and looking to maximize vaping experience with dry herb vaporizer. In that case, you must know that there are mainly four components of vape juice: 

  1. Vegetable glycerin (VG)
  2. Propylene Glycol (PG)
  3. Flavor Concentrates
  4. Nicotine (Optional) 

Vegetable glycerin (VG)

We typically use vegetable glycerin in drinks and foods to create some sweetness without causing plaque and cavities. It’s a slightly sweet thick liquid derived from plant oils that carry little flavor but make large vapors in an electronic cigarette.  

Propylene Glycol (PG)

Propylene glycol is a product you can find in drinks, foods, and Ventolin inhalers - a medication that relaxes airway muscles and improves airflow muscles to the lungs. It’s a thin liquid that efficiently carries flavors and produces some throat hits.  


Nicotine is a chemical compound a smoker gets addicted to when using cigarettes. Vapers can either choose a nicotine-free e-juice or choose e-juices containing nicotine. There are various options available in either format. You can buy nicotine in pre-mixed flavored liquids or a nicotine base to add to nicotine-free juices.  

If you opt to add nicotine by yourself, it’s vital to understand how to do it well and safely.  

Flavor Concentrates

Flavor concentrates are food-grade flavoring used to provide the e-liquid with a pleasant taste. There are thousands of flavor combinations.  

You can think of any flavor on your mind, and there’s a high chance there’s an e-liquid for it. 

Types of Vape Juice Flavors

One of the most beautiful things about vaping that’s also the most daunting is choosing your favorite flavor from the thousands.  

There are six categories of vape flavors you can try, including:  

  • Tobacco 
  • Fruity 
  • Candies 
  • Desserts  
  • Drinks 
  • Menthols 

Tobacco Flavored Vape Juices

Most people who have quit smoking go for this flavor, and a variety of brands produce a variation of tobacco-flavored e-juices. 

Even though we recommend you find a vape flavor that you like better, some people will feel more comfortable sticking with tobacco flavors, which is fine. 

Fruity Flavored Vape Juices

The most popular e-juice flavor is probably fruity-flavored e-juices, and it’s easy to see why.  

The options are truly endless, with thousands of brands offering every type of fruit flavor.  

The vape flavors in this category are pretty sweet—like grape, blueberry, strawberry, and apple and have a distinct flavor that will make your house smell fresh and fruity. 

Candy Flavored Vape Juices

Candy and chocolate bars are available in just about any flavor you can imagine, and you can even come across some exciting combinations. 

Compared to eating candy, vaping these flavors does not contain a massive number of calories. Second, you won’t eat all that sugar, and you may not visit the dentist as frequently.  

Dessert Flavored Vape Juices

If you always accept the waiter’s request to see the dessert menu when he asks if you want to see it, you will probably enjoy a dessert-flavored vape juice.  

There are a wide variety of dessert flavors available to you, so whatever you can imagine, there is probably a vape juice flavor for it.  

You can get a variety of dessert-flavored e-juices, including apple pie, ice cream sandwiches, cinnamon buns, slushies, cakes, and sherbet. 

Drink Flavored Vape Juices

A drink-flavored e-juice is for people who love the taste of alcoholic beverages but don’t want the calories or buzz.  

There’s a vape flavor for every drink you can think of, whether you’re a root beer float fan or a milkshake fan. 

With so many flavors of e-juices to choose from, you’ll never get bored or run out of options. Drinking flavored vape juices can feel flavorful and refreshing, depending on what brand you pick up. 

Menthol Flavored Vape Juices

It’s hard to go wrong with menthol-flavored e-juices if you enjoy that minty cool sensation. 

Various minty e-juices are available, leaving you with more to choose from than just a simple mint taste.  

Popular menthol flavors include fruity flavors, candy flavors, and others. There are a ton of crazy combinations one could try with menthol in e-juice, and most types include menthol.  


Having learned more about the various vape flavors and vape juices, as well as what goes into vape juice, it’s now time to pick out some of your favorites. 

Buying smaller quantities or trying a few first would be best before deciding on one. By doing so, you will see what ingredients and flavors work best for you.