One of the most important factors for a chest/bicep day is time. If you only have limited time, it can be difficult to spend a full gym day working out your chest and biceps. You can make the most of the time you have by combining chest and bicep exercises. There are many ways to get great results without breaking the bank. The following are some of the best chest bicep exercise routines you can do at home with good healthy pie ideas.

Dumbbell chest press: Dumbbell chest press is a traditional bodyweight exercise that works the pectoral muscles. This exercise is effective for improving overall chest strength, posture, and functional fitness. Begin by lying down on a bench and bending your arms to 90 degrees. When your arms reach your chest, squeeze them tightly. Hold for ten seconds, and then return to the starting position. Once you've reached the desired strength, repeat the exercise at least two times a week to achieve the desired shape and tone.

Another excellent chest bicep exercise at home is chin-ups. You can also do push-ups, which is another great option. If your wrists and forearms are too stiff to perform a push-up, try a one-arm version. These one-arm push-ups force your biceps to compensate for the missing support. Begin in a standard push-up position and lower your body until your chest is almost touching the floor. Hold the position for two seconds, then switch arms and repeat the process. Do three to five reps, and change your arms between the repetitions.

Another chest bicep exercise at home involves using a pec fly machine. This is an effective way to work out the remaining muscle fibers in the chest. Simply place the pec fly handles on either side of your shoulders, and then slowly move them in a 'hug' motion. Once you've finished the set, you can switch to a reverse fly motion. The bicep fly machine is also a great way to get a total chest workout.

Another chest bicep exercise you can do at home is the handstand. This exercise is extremely effective and will build the muscles in your chest. Start by bending your waist and planting your hands shoulder-width apart on the floor or a wall. Keep your back and elbows still, and focus on your biceps pressing against the forearms as you do the exercise. Then, repeat the exercise by lowering the weight and moving to the next level.

Next, you can try the EZ bar. This barbell exercise is the cornerstone of many bicep routines. This exercise isolates the bicep muscles while providing an added benefit. It allows you to lift much heavier weight than you would with dumbbells. You can even try the water jug squat for a home version of the classic curl. And don't forget to squeeze your biceps with your hips to maximize the benefits of this bicep exercise.