The best packaging is the one that provides maximum usage with better protection and promotion, and there is no better option than Custom Printed Mylar Bags in that regard. The remarkable features of these bags make them the best packaging offer in many industries.

Let us explore why these bags are the best packaging option for you too!

Cool Features of Custom Mylar Bags

Mylar is famous due to its amazing features and qualities for various uses. Here are two cool features of custom mylar bags that help them stand out among all kinds of packaging.

  • Custom Thickness

You can customize the thickness of mylar bags depending on your choice or the items you want to store. In other words, mylar bags are available in two ranges: 3.5 to 4.5 mil, and 4.5 to 6.5 mil.

The former thickness is used for those bags which are used for storage of products for comparatively less time period. On the other hand, the higher thickness of mylar bags is used for better and long term protection of items.

  • Multiple Sizes

Foods or any other products are not necessarily to be in the same size and shape. Therefore, the flexibility of bags is also important for those storage bags for suitable packaging.

With that being said, mylar bags come in various sizes and shapes that can be customized according to the requirements. As compared to the other standard-sized boxes and bags, mylar bags perfectly adjust the food items in them.

Why Mylar is the Best Packaging for Foods?

Custom Mylar bags are the best packaging choice for food because they protect the foods effectively and prevent all the materials that can affect the shelf life of food. The flexibility of Mylar bags allows you to store and protect your foods as long as much as you want.

These bags are famous for improving the quality and shelf life of various kinds of food products. Plus, they also protect them from heat, dust, moisture, and all other materials that can affect the quality of foods.

Here are the main factors that affect the quality of foods, and mylar bags protect them well.


Direct light or heat can drastically impact the quality of many food products. It dries their natural moisture and decreases the shelf life of these food products. Therefore, it is important to keep them protected from heat and direct sunlight.


Moisture is not only dangerous for iron, but it can also spoil the natural quality of food products. Constant moisture on food products spoils the taste and physical stability of food products.


Transportation and deforestation have completely destroyed the natural quality of the environment. Therefore, poisonous gasses in the air affect the quality of foods a lot. However, Mylar bags are a gas barrier and keep food products safe and sound.


Mylar bags are odor resistant and help to protect food in two ways; they maintain the natural fragrance of foods and also protect them from the external poisonous odor that can affect the food's natural fragrance.

Choice of Custom Mylar Bags for Various Industries

These bags are the best choice not only for foods, but they are also the finest packaging option in various industries like daily life usage, pet care industry and CBD industry. The unique features of these bags are the main reason behind their multifunctionality of these bags. For more about CBD Industry

  • Mylar Bags Usage Except Food Storage

You can store your documents, books, photos, postcards and accessories in these boxes to keep them saved before and after usage. You can also use these bags for camping and hiking because these bags are the gas barrier. Similarly, you can't restrict or list all the usage of mylar bags because they are multifunctional and you can use them for foods, electronics, cosmetics, etc.

  • Mylar Bags in Pet Food Industry

From clothing bags to plastic bags to mylar bags, the packaging evolved as the result of attempts made by people to find the best possible packaging. Similarly, the food of pets was not taken much seriously; however, now pets are also enjoying the same level of respect and care.

So, mylar bags are also the best packaging option for pet foods. Most of the time, food is kept in these bags and pets can easily use that food whenever they feel hungry.

  • Mylar Pouch Bags for CBD in CBD Industry

Many people prefer using mylar pouch bags for CBD to store their CBD products simply because they protect them well and promote them everywhere.

Therefore, you can not neglect the usage of bags for CBD if you want to benefit from the amazing features of these bags. 


The biggest use of mylar, after food storage, is in the CBD industry. Mylar Pouch Bags For CBD are the best packaging choice because they protect the products effectively and prevent all the materials that can affect the shelf life of food. The unique features of these bags are the main reason behind their multifunctionality of these bags.