Love in it of itself is a beautiful emotion. We all crave it. However, something as pure as love can also take a sinister form. One such reality in which love becomes destructive is obsessive love disorder.

In this condition, people, rather than being just content with loving another person, become fixated on the person whom they dote on. Suffice to say,  their love takes an extreme tone.

Not only is this form of love unhealthy for them, but their beloved also then has to suffer.

There is no cookie-cutter methodology to deal with this condition, but those aspiring to get better should consult the Best Psychiatrist in Lahore for help.

Signs of obsessive love disorders

Being possessive

People who have OLD feel very possessive of the person they are in love with. It may cause friction as a result then. Moreover, you also then experience a lot of jealousy when your partner interacts with other people or give them more time.

Centre of the Universe

Another sign of OLD is that you want to have them around all the time. As a result, you may skip activities that don’t involve your partner. They consume your thoughts, and time away from them is unacceptable for you and gives you anxiety.

Controlling your partner

OLD also makes you want to control your partner, so that they always take actions that you approve of. An anti-thesis of love; the compulsion to control your partner has grave implications for their wellbeing.

Lack of personal space

Since you are so madly, truly, deeply in love, therefore, you want to be tied at the hip to them. This results in lack of personal space for your partner. Alongside being unhealthy for you, it also is unfair to them as well.

Love, and then some

The scale of love is OLD is extreme. As also suggested by the name, all the people can think about it their love. They obsess over their beloved due to the intense attraction they have for them. Unfortunately, their scale of love is rather unhealthy.

Self-esteem issues

Although you might also have self-esteem independent of OLD, but a hallmark of obsessive love disorder is the lack of realization of one’s own worth.

Causes of obsessive love disorder

There are various reasons why one might develop obsessive love disorder. These include:

Attachment issues and disorders

People suffering from attachment issues and disorders are also at a greater risk of getting obsessive love disorder. Their issues might result from having a problematic childhood, especially due to the relationship with parents.

Moreover, attachment disorders may also result in lack of empathy, because of which they are unable to understand the impact of their behavior with their partner.

Delusional jealousy

Another cause of obsessive love disorder is delusional jealousy. In this condition, people consider certain things to be true, due to their delusions, even if the reality belies it.

When it comes to relationships, delusional jealousy may then result in one thinking that their partner is just as madly and deeply in love with them, as they are, which might not be true in real life. So, as you are irrevocably in love, your partner might get deterred by the unhealthy levels of attachment.

Mental health disorders

OLD might also be due to other mental health disorders. One such condition is borderline personality disorder, in which the person undergoes extreme mood swings.

Similarly, those with obsessive compulsive disorder are also more prone to get OLD, since the basic premise of having compulsive thoughts is same in both instances.

Another mental health issue that can possibly be behind OLD is post-traumatic stress disorder.

Getting better

If you identify with these symptoms, then you should seek the help of the Best Psychiatrist in Karachi. Once your condition has been assessed, doctors can start with dispensing treatment that might include medication and therapy.