The official statement from Oracle in April 2019 was that there would be no more development when it comes to Oracle UPK. So as to close things down they would be releasing their last update, and customers who have gone on to purchase version 11.1 would have an option to upgrade it to 12.1. Below are some of the viable Oracle UPK alternatives and how it is going to be of help

Proactive, on-demand support where self-help is vital

A lot of us would have gone on to rely on Oracle conceptual help, to provide a superior level of support to the end users. The proactive widgets of whatflix may turn out to be the best bet. This happens to be a self-help gadget that extends support to all the devices on the module. Coming to the widget it is available all round the clock and various forms of content can turn out to be part of the same. Interactive walkthroughs turn out to be a definite plus in such cases.

It has to be stated that an interactive segmentation of Whatflix occurs, and the content that is being listed on the widget is bound to be available based on the page that the end user is working on. You may reach out for support with the specific form of configurations. This is expected to be the case due to a lack of searched content.

With smart tips go on to nudge the users

The smart features with specialized features are created with the objective of the users on long forms. As far as the static pages are concerned there is a lot of attention that would be required in this case. It is a common alternative to a user icon, as the smart tip would enable the users to navigate the page.

Whatflix is known to extend support to 60+ languages

A powerful form of localization and translation capabilities turns out to be one of the important features of Oracle UPK. Though with the end of UPK support, this does happen to be one of the areas that are expected to hit you hard. Coming to whatflix it goes on to extend support to 60+ languages. This can be configured and translated based on your specific requirements.

The reasons why Whatflix is the best Oracle UPK development tool

One has to refer to the fact that they are at the right place. The time is right when oracle is expected to sunset Whatflix turns out to be the best alternative in all cases. It goes on to provide an effective form of in-house benefit for your users. Already you could be scrambling to justify an effective form of ROI when it comes to the question of Whatflix. You need to have an idea about the comparative cases along with the advantages associated with the same.

First and foremost, it goes on to accelerate the pace of product adoption. It goes on to address the issues of training and onboarding in a similar manner. Since it is available in the form of in-app guidance, an interactive walk-through can be tailor-made based on the needs of an audience. From the starting to the ending stage, they would have an idea of how to proceed. Coming to the adoption of an application you may be able to fine-tune it further. This enables them to cope up with any form of difficulties that they are expected to encounter during the stage of training.

The moment you find that there is a transition from one application to another, the suffers tend to be the end users on all counts. With the scenario that the productivity levels should not drop down, they are under pressure to get hold of the application within a short span of time. Whatflix is known to streamline the pain point, that enables an user to learn an application within the shortest span of time without any fuss. This may be tailored based on the details of product guide along with other features. All of them can be measured and necessary analytics can be obtained if you feel that there arises a need.