Most homeowners prefer window blinds for two reasons: the first is light control, and the second is more privacy. They don't have to be fancy. Simple window coverings can work just well. You can even hang a towel across your window if you want to. Why not do it at home, though? In some way, you understand. This is because you want the shades and blinds in your Bay Area house to provide a more aesthetic function in addition to their useful one. Furthermore, they should improve the aesthetics of your home areas and enhance your living standard.

Motorized shades provide a more convenient way of living and a more aesthetic design in your rooms than store-bought blinds or curtains, which solely meet your demands for light control and privacy. If you want to learn more about why smart shades are the best options for your home and how you can buy Custom Motorized Shades, then keep reading;

1. Enhance Your Home's Beauty

It will help to enhance the areas of your home with a unique style. It's surprising how completely the look of a home can change after installing new flooring, painting the walls, or adding an oriental rug. Automatic blinds and shades work the same way. Smart window coverings from brands like Lutron and Savant, which come in a wide variety of colors, may greatly improve the ambiance of a room and give it a more expensive feel. Light-screening shades allow you to relax your environment by reducing the sun's harsh effects and adding color to natural light. To fit your demands and décor, motorized shades are available in various patterns, colors, and styles.

2. Smart Shades for Home Theater

Some people choose to put their cinemas in basements or other basement-like rooms with windows. Most modern living rooms serve many purposes, with features like a large screen TV or projector with screen, stereo sound, luxurious chairs, and a game section or a small room for entertaining. Motorized shades are essential for setting the proper mood during the evening or nighttime home entertainment. To ensure complete darkness and seclusion while watching a movie, simply press a button on your smart home's touchpad. Raise them so your guests can see the sinking sun as you entertain in the evening.

3. Use Motorized Shades To Stop The Heat

There are many countries where the weather is so good. But sometimes, the sun can get very hot, making it uncomfortable to be inside. During the warmer months, heat-blocking shades are a must-have. Smart shades are a need if your property has any type of natural protection for the east or west-facing windows. They contribute to year-round comfort by regulating temperature and lighting. The best part is that you won't have to decide between total darkness and natural light. Hermary's has expert staff ready to assist you in finding the perfect window coverings. Once they are set up, we can have them activated based on a timer or a light sensor.