In the hustle and bustle of all these vacation parties at work and road trips home to spend quality time with family, it is easy to let other relationships slip through the gaps. 

Putting aside time to celebrate your favorite special occasions and events with your friends and family is a fun way to keep the holiday mood alive throughout the season and to make great memories with the most vital people in your life. 

Peeking for something a little more innovative and creative than Friendsgiving and Secret Santa? Here are a few ideas and tips in this article for starting your own holiday customs with friends and family starting this year.

  1. Spend your holidays by offering services to the Community

Whether you serve three-time meals side by side at a community kitchen in your area on Christmas or distribute gifts and sweets to a local homeless shelter or an orphanage, volunteering together with your friends or family is an amazing way to give back to society. 

Not sure where to start from? Think about the reasons and causes you, your family members, and your friends are the most passionate about. 

An instant Google search for such types of opportunities in your area should produce you many results regarding that.

  1. Plan a well long holiday trip with your family or friends

If you are planning a trip with your family or friends this holiday season and your kids are also going to join you on the trip then make sure that the location you choose for your vacation must be kid-friendly.

If you have got a long ride ahead of you, research and explore locations for your holiday trip that have kid-friendly activities to help break up the trip and your holiday plans. 

Great locations are indoor playgrounds or trampoline parks, a toy store to pick up something special for kids, or family-friendly restaurants. 

Don't forget to fill iPads in your bags, or rent several movies from your local library. 

In case the going gets hard, keep a bag of new toys and charms along with you (of the affordable, Dollar Store variety) to present on the hour.

  1. Nothing is better than the Customized and Homemade Gifts

Can’t be together with your long-distance friends and family on the actual holiday? For a get-together? 

Take this as an advantage and send some thoughtful gifts to your loved ones this holiday season. 

And for gifts never underrate the power of handmade or customized gifts that will surely bring a wide smile to their face. These gifts are attached with the emotions and feelings of the gift giver.

There are so many wonderful ideas and options for personalized gifts or homemade gifts, but a few of my favorite handmade or homemade gifts include hand-painted ornaments, framed artwork, a picture album of your yearly highlights, and homemade cookies. 

And Customized gifts like personalized photo mugs, custom socks ( especially for the occasion of Christmas), and jigsaw puzzles are a super trend in the market these days.

  1. Host a celebration different from usual celebrations

Rather than playing the typical Secret Santa game on Christmas, try something a little different and unique this time. Host a celebration different from usual celebrations.  

An all time favorite Things party is simple and easy: Everyone comes with something they love and treasure within a certain price range — say, your complete favorite perfume or your super fave bottle of whisky or wine — then guests pull numbers for their gifts. 

Everyone will leave with a fun and useful present, and this game will give you a chance to learn more and more about your family and pals and the things they love and treasure the most.

  1. Invite your friends and relatives to your home this time

We all know how hard it is to spend and celebrate the holidays alone. Do you have any friends or distinct relatives who don’t have family nearby? 

If your relatives and friends are cool with it, invite your friends and relatives home for the holidays with you. 

Your friends and distinct relatives will feel super loved by this inclusive gesture of yours, and you will have the chance to introduce your family to the friends who make your life extra special. 

(Just make sure to tell your parents ahead of time if you don’t want them telling embarrassing and awkward stories about your old days.)

If you are the one with a long-distance family, don’t be afraid to ask your friend if you can join in on his or her family traditions — she will probably be more than happy to include you in her family traditions.

  1. Plan and arrange a movie date with your family or friends at home in this cozy wintry season

Relaxing up with some blankets, brewing up some hot chocolate and coffee, and turning on your most favorite holiday movies to ring in the holiday season. 

Whether you knock them all out in one fell swoop or reserve several Saturday afternoons for only watching movies throughout the winter months, you won’t regret stirring up some memories with your BFFs in the comfort and convenience of your own living room. 

What a perfect cozy wintry afternoon, right!!!

  1. How about a post holiday staycation with friends!!!

Is there a local boutique hotel or a retro bed and breakfast in a nearby village or town you have always wanted to check out with your friends? 

Now you have a perfect reason and excuse to do so. Cut out a weekend and book an overnight stay with your pals (who can help shoulder the cost with you!). 

It is a wise decision to book a stay with your pals after the holiday season. Hotel rooms are normally more affordable after the holiday rush — especially when things slow down in early January — which is the perfect time to relax and share hilarious and laughable stories from family gatherings.

  1. Plan a holiday shopping with your friends and family

You need to get your shopping done anyway, so why not hit out two birds with one stone and hang out with your besties or cousins while you are at it? 

This year, team up with a friend (or a group of them) or siblings and cousins and brave the mall or Target the day after Christmas. And don't forget to hit the Starbucks when you are in the mall already!!!

Winding Up!!!

These are some creative ways to celebrate your holiday season with your friends and loved ones. Enjoy your holidays to the best. Holidays are all about spending time with your friends and family so just do it.

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