VPN (Virtual Private Network), works as the encrypted network using the Internet from a device to directly. This encrypted network generated by a virtual private network makes the user satisfied that the user's private data is secure and transferring under the encrypted network. It protects tracing your data from unauthorized servers on the traffic and provides charge to the user to make activities remotely. In simple words, the user's private or sensitive data passes through a path from your internet to the server and then to the site. But in VPN use data passes directly from the internet to the site in an encrypted connection without touching the server.

Why should I use VPN?

As VPNs work as the protector of data from different unauthorized persons or servers, people started to use free VPN download easily by different sites. Infect you should also use VPN for your private work and anywhere you need security of your activity. It protects the IP address so that any third party should not pick your IP and use it for spying.iTop VPN the best free VPN for Windows 10 never permits  any unauthorized person or any organization including your government could not realize about your activities or work on the internet.

What can I do to secure my Activities?

As users realize that its data was not secure. It is common to secure your data from hackers and tracers. For this purpose iTop VPN is introduced. iTop virtual private network is the best free VPN for Windows 10. iTop VPN is securing your data by masking you in an encrypted connection. Moreover, iTop VPN is an authentic VPN for Windows. This makes it extremely difficult for anyone to interfacet back to you, since different clients are having a comparable IP at some irregular time. It's only one of the various ways iTop VPN for Windows safeguards you on the web.

How to get an iTop VPN?

iTop VPN, the best free VPN for Windows 10 is easy to download only in simple 3 steps.iTon VPN is not only free of cost, it also gives the surety to secure your data in a strong encrypted network. The steps to get and use iTop VPN are given below:

  • Simply click for free VPN download. iTop VPN will start downloading and take a while.
  • After downloading the best free VPN for Windows 10, run the program or iTop VPN for Windows setup and install it.
  • When this free VPN is installed on your PC, open the iTop free VPN download, Connect the VPN to the internet by clicking Connect button.

That's it.

iTop VPN Extra Features

  • iTop VPN  provides its users a very strong encrypted network in which data is stored. In simple words your data is coated by a very strong layer which is not able to hack or destroy.
  • iTop VPN for Windows gives more servers in the world. It serves you in about 6 countries and provides more than 100 servers.
  • During using the iTop VPN, you can use it anytime and anyplace in the world without any restriction, any login problem.
  • The huge advantage of iTop VPN is that it gives high speed during the encrypted connection between the device and server.
  • Ads blocking ability also helps the iTop VPN to attract more and more audience.


To conclude, if you have trouble in protecting the privacy on the internet, just get this free VPN download and enjoy a highly secure, faster network without any worries.