First and foremost, nowadays a new search trend in a business community, and every businessman is searching for what is copy trading?

let's look at how copy trading differs from traditional trading. The main distinction is that trading entails active participation in the process of making transactions. The trader chooses the asset to trade, does research, starts positions, and places Stop Loss and Take Profit orders. Professional trading is simply a profession of profiting from price fluctuations in assets. Traders, like businesspeople, typically devote all of their working time to it, taking all risks and reaping the rewards.

Copy trading is the process of duplicating the transactions of expert traders utilizing dedicated platforms. Due to the active growth of internet trading and social media technology, this sort of investment initially surfaced a little more than a decade ago.

CopCopy-trading stems bring together traders – both experienced and inexperienced – who function as subscribers and investors. Upon subscription, all transactions completed by the manager are automatically or semi-automatically replicated to a designated portion of the investor's money.

The benefits and drawbacks of Forex copy trading

For newbies, the benefits of mimicking traders on Forex are obvious. They acquire the ability to earn as much as experts who have spent years on this activity without having unique skills or expertise.

Furthermore, new copy trading systems are simple to use while also being multipurpose. They provide variable capital allocation among multiple traders and strategies, risk management criteria, and performance analysis using a variety of filters.

The most significant disadvantage stems from the structure of financial markets: the previous profitability of managers does not predict future outcomes. Few tactics provide the same beneficial outcome regardless of market behavior.


Platforms that are both functional and simple to use

Low entry requirements

Possibility to learn by seeing pros in action

Negative aspects

Managerial profitability in the past does not guarantee the same result in the future.

In 2022, the best copy trading platforms will be Experts at Traders Union have created a list of the best copy trading platforms for 2022. The brokers that provide the Forex copy trading service on their platforms or third-party platforms are included in the ranking.

When generating the ranking, the experts utilized criteria:

  • 1 The trustworthiness of the broker.

The broker's activities must be backed up by top regulators' licenses.

  • 2 Platform popularity and functionality

The better the platform's rating, the more traders it has and the more flexible settings it permits.

  • 3 Trading terms and conditions set by the broker.

The magnitude of the commissions plays an important role since they have the potential to 'remove' a significant portion of the earnings. Furthermore, the greater the number of marketplaces and trading instruments available for copy trading, the better.

Why should you think about forex copy trading?

As you can see, selecting a trader and beginning to replicate is a rather simple activity for a newbie. The bulk of other top-tier forex copy trading platforms offers similar features, which you can figure out.

However, bear in mind that, like any other sort of investment, forex copy trading contains the risk of losing money. We do not advocate spending more money in copy trading than you are prepared to risk. True, you may get a return comparable to that of a professional trader, but losses are also probable since the market is often unexpected.

It would be prudent to use the demo account to test the system. If everything goes well, you may enable replicating over a larger portfolio of passive assets.

How to Begin Copying Trades for Profit

You may use the following actions as a guide:

  • 1 Find a good broker and platform for copy trading after studying our evaluations.
  • 2 Examine all critical working conditions.
  • 3 Use a demo account to try out the platform.
  • 4 Find a few merchants to follow.
  • 5 If it works, put a little amount of money into the account at first.
  • 6 Control the risks in your social investment portfolio and make modifications to the composition from time to time.
  • 7 You might consider raising your investment limit if you have a high return for a lengthy period - over a year.

Is it possible for me to lose money in forex copy trading?

Yes, copy trading, like any other trade, has the potential to lose money. You may reduce the risks by using tight risk management criteria and carefully picking the cloned traders.

You won't be able to completely avoid dangers, however. Even the world's most adept hedge funds lose money from time to time. This is an important consideration, and you should never invest more money than you are willing to risk.

HotForex Trading Company Overview

HotForex ( is a broker owned by the hfmarkets Group that provides a large range of account kinds, as well as the most trading assets and high-quality software. HotForex additionally offers attractive trading conditions and quick order processing. Furthermore, a comprehensive variety of products and services enables everyone to choose the best alternative. Several regulators' licenceslicensesto the broker's trustworthiness. The organisaorganizationr ten years of expertise in the financial, brokerage, and other services industries. Hot FX has garnered 35 important accolades in that period. MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading terminals are used for trading.

USD and EUR are the account currencies.

The minimum deposit is $5.

Leverage: Up to 1000:1

Spread: 0 pip to 1 pip

Currencies, CFDs, commodities, and indices are some of the instruments available.

50 percent /20 percent Margin Call / Stop Out

The following are some of the benefits of trading with HotForex

  • advantageous trading conditions and cheap spreads (starting at 0 pips);
  • various regulators are in charge of it;
  • There are no charges for account replenishment or bank transactions.

HotForex's drawbacks include

  • Withdrawal terms are not always the same as those stated;
  • There are a limited number of account currencies, which means some customers will have to pay for double conversion;
  • The number of electronic payment mechanisms available for replenishment/withdrawal is limited;
  • While registration is simple, you will not be able to learn about the terms and conditions of other kinds of accounts while it is in process.
  • Customer service is unavailable on weekends.


The HotForex broker caters to European traders. The organization provides a wide range of investment alternatives and is appropriate for both rookie and experienced traders.

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Your money is in jeopardy. When trading CFDs with this supplier, 71.24 percent of retail investor accounts lose money.

Traders from HotForex come from all around the world.

15.61 percent in the Philippines

Nigeria has a 14.78 percent population.

Colombia has a 13.81 percent unemployment rate.

Malaysia has a 10.22% share of the market.

Mexico's share is 5.37 percent.

3.08 percent in Singapore

Brazil's share is 2.7 percent.

Ecuador has a 2.67 percent population.

2.54 percent of the population of Jamaica

Kenya has a 2% population.

27.22 percent of the population

Top 2 Customer reviews for HotForexi

I've been dealing with this broker for over a year and have a neutral view thus far. There haven't been any issues thus far. Everything is in working order from a technical standpoint as well. In terms of service, it is on par with that of a seasoned broker. I can't think of anything to criticize or admire right now. I received just what I had hoped for.

Samuel, analyst trader, Detroit

I became a customer of the firm not long ago. So far, there have been no complaints. Work experience and a large number of regulators inspire trust. The program is reliable, and it includes all of the required analytic tools as well as a solid training foundation. Overall, I'm pleased. Let's wait and see what happens next.

Jess, trader, Los Angeles California.