If your remote team wants to run scrum meetings asynchronously and efficiently, hit Slack and Microsoft Teams standup tools. Both platforms support Standuply - the right standup tool and project management and HR assistant that you can turn to.

In today's world, remote work has become commonplace. Many teams even outside the IT-sphere prefer to earn a living from home. So, they can work in different cities, countries, and consequently in different time zones.

Cast our minds back, we solved these issues by video conferencing tools. However, now companies struggling to get by through daily Zoom meetings and suffering from disorganization. So how do build an effective and smooth workflow asynchronously? There are Slack and MS Teams standup bots integrations that accumulate many factors together - a transparent system of communication, team interaction, and great work organization.

In this case, standup tools cope best of all.

What are daily standups and why do we need scrum events?

Today, every agile team should have daily scrum meetings up their sleeve to maintain productivity and keep pace with progress.

Daily standup meetings are short, regularly held gatherings where team members come together, review progress, and triage new issues.

However,  you should not underestimate these meetings! This highly desired effectiveness from meetings lies not just in the fact of running but in the true organization of the Scrum Master's work. So, firstly, it’s important to clearly understand what is daily scrum meeting for.  The second thing to take in - is why do we actually need to gather our employees every single day and tease them with the same recurring questions?

All participants there as Scrum masters, and you and the team leader have certain goals that relate to each other. So, their success is your success. The most basic purpose of the daily standup meeting is to align all the tasks to the current sprint target and build up team performance in the right way, with no failure and deviation from goals.

In the scrum philosophy, all events are aimed at simplifying the organization of the team's work and significantly increasing their productivity.  The work of stand-up bots supports all scrum and HR processes like a daily standup, sprint retrospective, planning poker, HR and team culture, and more.

Slack Daily Standup Meetings: The Benefits of Automating:

Microsoft Teams and Slack Standup bot integrations serve as a great way to manage and conduct scrum ceremonies right in the workspace. You may have met such standup tools as Standuply, Geekbot, AgilePolly, Troopr, and many, many stand-up implementations available through hubs like the Atlassian Marketplace, Slack app directory, or Office 365 store.

All bots do differ in details and their unique features, however, they all share many advantages:

  • The great value of standup bots lies in the async organization of scrum events. Here they act as digital assistants implemented in Slack and hold meetings automatically.

  • Your team no longer suffers from organizing and managing meetings through many additional tools like Google Calendar, Zoom video conference, Email, etc. Stand-up bots cover a single place - Slack or a Microsoft Teams workspaces for running and managing scrum meetings.

  • Now bots provide high-quality data analysis and statistics on survey responses, agile charts, and graphs are created automatically.

  • Standup bots also benefit before the scrum meeting begins. In this way, the facilitator already has statistics and answers prepared in advance. This tiny detail saves precious time a lot.

What is amazing here is that absolutely any team can be content with the upsides of standup bots and increase progress dramatically. Standuply is a free Slack and MS Teams Scrum assistant that keeps your remote team connected and high-performed with 20+ agile and HR processes on auto. This is one of the best all-inclusive standup tools trusted by more than 35,000 high-performing teams.

Standuply Strengths and Key Features:

The main information about Standuply is presented on the brand's website where you can also register and request a free product demo. For a more detailed understanding of how the Standuply works, however, take a look at the Standuply blog.

Be sure that the following Slack and MS Teams standup bot features will be fully available to your team:

  • 20+ Agile & HR Processes automation (standups, retrospectives, backlog refinement, planning poker, and more)

  • app customization (icon, name)

  • answer analytics

  • SOC2 and ISO compliance

  • Compatibility with Trello, Jira, Asana, Github ext. and the ability to configure a customized team task tracker

  • OKRs and Agile chart calculus (burn-down, velocity, and sprint defects)

  • multi-account administration and enterprise plan for large teams (50+ people) provided

  • Q/A system (enterprise wiki-base for sharing knowledge & insights) and consulting of internal & external product experts

  • SSO via OKTA integration

  • 30 day trial with all features available, product demo, and 24/7 customer success support service

Above all, being smoothly implemented into Slack and Microsoft Teams, this standup bot is a solid choice of 35 000+ companies, a 4.5-star rating on Capterra, a 4.8 rating on G2, and the top of the Remote Tools list.

After five minutes of working with service, you’ll have no doubt it is standing out.

This gif is a great illustration that Standuply goes far beyond standard Slack and MS Teams chatbots and reminders. In addition to Standuply basic scrum ceremonies, you’ll also enjoy:

Agile meetings like Automated feedback of tasks DoD and DoR and Team Goals standups keep the team aligned with the main sprint target.

Other Agile and HR Processes that Highlight Standuply:

Standuply also does an excellent job in the field of HR and conducts employee processes on autopilot. There you benefit from the 360 Feedback Servey to collect a comprehensive and independent assessment of the team. Remote Employee onboarding report sends greetings and working info to new company team members. The area where Standuply shines in particular - is Mood Report which checks employees' level of motivation and contentedness with tasks.

Standuply runs so-called fun meetings where you can plan favorable activities. So, use the Friday pizza option or maintain working days with interesting matters and share a fun fact of the week with your crew.

In other words, we rely on Standuply and deservedly call its features the most popular and useful in Project Management, Agile, and HR processes.

Slack and MS Teams Standup Bot that Really Stands Out

So, with the content in mind now you’re aware of how to gain that very precious productivity all of us are chasing. Daily standups and scrum events are not the know-how of today's agile world but the right way of running them asynchronously.

Standuply team happens to share the world with a great standup bot solution for Slack and MS Teams that is working for you and trying to build the bot-friendly vision for your scrum and HR events. More than 100,000 large companies worldwide, such as Slack itself, IBM, Google, etc., have already automated their unique workflows. And we must say that they’re pretty content with the outcome.