If you have an idea for a product, you should consider submitting it to the General Electric Company, a huge science-based technology company with a history of innovation. They are committed to improving people's lives through technology and doing business the right way. They have a foothold in the fields of healthcare, consumer goods, and worker safety. General Electric is an excellent place to submit your idea because they are open to unsolicited submissions Family Office Singapore. However, if you submit your idea inventions, be sure to obtain an NDA from General Electric and then follow their procedures.

General Mills

If you've been looking for an opportunity to share your invention with a big brand, General Mills is a good place to start. While the company does not provide clear documentation of their innovation process, they do accept invention ideas from customers. Founded in 1917, General Mills is a US-based company that makes products for farmers and consumers. Their products include cheerios and other cereals, and they've expanded into other industries including the aeronautical and electrical industries.


If you have an idea for a new product, Unilever is a great place to submit it. The company values practical innovations and is always on the lookout for new products. This company is open to new ideas for everything from food and hygiene products to marketing strategies and customer service. You can submit your idea on their website to have your idea reviewed.


Kikkerland is an iconic design company that has a huge portfolio of unique and innovative items. They are always looking for new designs to add to their portfolio. For this reason, they have a dedicated invention submission website. You can submit your idea to them for royalty payments of up to 5%.

Sharper Image

Sharper Image, a consumer electronics company specializing in cutting-edge products and innovative gadgets, is looking for new best place to submit invention ideas. They have a team of professionals who will review and evaluate your idea. They ask you to send a description of your product along with a picture or video. You can also include information on where your product can be purchased.

Dorman Products, Inc

. Dorman Products, Inc. was founded in 1918 in Cincinnati, Ohio and has since become a well-known automotive hardware and aftermarket brand. In 1994, it was acquired by R&B Inc., a business group founded by Steven and Richard Berman in 1978. Over the years, it has marketed its products under various brand names. Since then, it has consolidated its brands under Dorman. The company was recently elected by its shareholders to the Board of Directors.

Under Armour

Under Armour is a sports equipment company that is always on the lookout for new inventions. The company wants to find the next big thing that will help athletes improve their performance, and they pay inventor ideas to develop their products. Ideas for new apparel, footwear, outdoor gear, and gender-specific gear are always welcome. They also accept ideas for wearable technology.


If you're looking for a company that will consider your invention idea, BD is the right place to start. This company, which manufactures medical devices, is interested in ideas for products that improve the lives of patients. They accept ideas for products, services, and software, and their submission process can take eight weeks. If your idea is accepted, they'll contact you for further discussion.

BD accepts invention ideas

If you have an idea for a medical device that will benefit people's health, BD may be interested in your idea. The company will review your submission and respond within four to six weeks. However, the company only accepts invention ideas by mail, not by email. To submit your invention, fill out a submission form. They will then contact you for further details.

BD pays royalties for inventions

If you have an idea for a new product, you may want to submit it to BD. They are always looking for new products or ways to improve their product lines. If you have an idea that helps people's health, BD is also interested in your idea. You can submit your idea through the mail or online. Make sure to read the submission rules and conditions carefully before you submit your idea.

Idea Buyer

There are several different ways to submit your invention ideas to companies that are actively seeking new ideas. 3M, for example, is interested in ideas related to electronics and office supplies. They also venture into areas like health care and automotive products. If you have a great idea, you can submit it through their website. However, you should make sure to review the details of your submission carefully before submitting it.