Many small businesses see the value in digital marketing, but they often don’t know where to start or how to approach it in their own business. This makes sense; there are so many different aspects of digital marketing, and it can be hard to know which ones to focus on and how to go about it. To make things easier, here are eight essential digital marketing facts every small business owner must know

1) 83% of Consumers Trust Online Reviews as Much as Personal


If you're not paying attention to online reviews, you're missing out on a huge opportunity to grow your business. According to a recent study, 83% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Why is this important? Online reviews are the best way to grow your business and establish a loyal audience. Once people read positive feedback about your company, they'll be more likely to purchase from you in the future because they've already seen that you have happy customers. Additionally, if you have some negative feedback but it's well-written and constructive, don't delete it or try to hide it; this will only make people more suspicious and could lead them to review your company negatively in the future. The good news is that there are lots of ways for small businesses like yours to get ahead with digital marketing!

2) Only 31% of Companies Currently Have a Dedicated Source for

Customer Feedback:

Only 31% of companies have a dedicated source for customer feedback, which is a key part of understanding how to grow your business. Feedback allows you to adjust your marketing mix to more accurately target your loyal audience and increase sales. Companies who understand their customers better are able to:

- Create a customized shopping experience based on what they want

- Find out what information customers want

- Develop new products that customers will want

- Offer personalized discounts and incentives

3) 82% of Consumers Look at Online Reviews Before Making an In-Store


In today's digital world, it's more important than ever for small businesses to have an online presence. Why? Because 82% of consumers look at online reviews before making an in-store purchase, and 61% of them say they won't buy from a business that has negative reviews. So, by having an online presence and managing your reputation on sites like Yelp, you're not only growing your business but also building a loyal audience who will be more likely to increase sales. Additionally, a study done by the National Restaurant Association found that 92% of people read online reviews while 64% said those reviews influenced their decision to visit or not visit the restaurant. That's just one way an effective online strategy can improve your restaurant!

4) 60% of Buyers Go to Amazon First When Researching Potential


As a small business, it's important to know where your potential customers are looking when they're ready to make a purchase. According to a recent study, 60% of buyers go to Amazon first when researching potential purchases. And that's not all! The same study found that 74% of consumers now start their product searches on Amazon. As you might expect, this number is steadily increasing as the years pass by. If you want to grow your business and attract more loyal customers, it's vital that you use the right digital marketing strategies - including advertising with Amazon Sponsored Products ads. Sponsored Products ads allow you to offer discounts or coupons and promote your products without having them compete with other brands for visibility in search results. You can also target

specific keywords with sponsored ads for even more personalized and successful campaigns. Plus, with the newly-released Instagram Ads option from Facebook, advertisers have access to targeting features like never before - so it just keeps getting easier and easier to grow our businesses and increase sales!

5) 95% of B2B Buyers Search for Information Before Making Decisions:

Whether you're just starting out or you've been in business for a while, it's important to know that 95% of B2B buyers search for information before making decisions. That means that if you want to grow your business, you need to be visible online. But how do you do that? By creating content that educates and informs your potential customers, you can build a loyal audience that will help increase sales. Content is the currency of the Internet: In order to grow your business, you need an engaged and loyal audience which increases the chances of generating more leads. A recent survey by HubSpot found that companies who blog are four times as likely to generate leads.

6) 92% of Millennials Say Recommendations from People They Know

Influence Their Purchasing Decisions:

If you're not using word-of-mouth marketing to grow your business, you're missing out. According to a recent study, 92% of millennials say that recommendations from people they know influence their purchasing decisions. That means that if you can get your satisfied customers to tell their friends about your business, you're likely to see an increase in sales. Here are some simple ways to encourage word-of-mouth referrals:

  1. Don't just focus on what you sell, but on how much your customer values the experience of buying it.
  2. Make sure that the employees working with customers share at least one common characteristic with the - age, gender, educational background, or cultural interests - and show interest in what they do for a living outside of work hours.

7) The Incidence of Product Piracy Doubled in 2016 Compared to 2015:

Product piracy is a huge problem for small businesses, as it can lead to lost sales and decreased revenue. According to a recent report, the incidence of product piracy doubled in 2016 compared to 2015. This is a trend that is only going to continue, so it's important for small businesses to be aware of the problem and take steps to protect their products. There are a few things you can do to combat

product piracy, including watermarking your products and using digital rights management software. Additionally, with more people spending time online rather than out shopping, grow your business with an active loyal audience by promoting your business on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Finally, increase your profits by finding other ways to sell your goods through increasing

sales such as partnering with local boutiques or creating an e-commerce website.

8) Global Data Breach Costs Hit $1.8 Billion in 2017:

According to a recent study, global data breach costs hit $1.8 billion in 2017. That's a lot of money! But don't worry, there are ways to protect your business. Here are 8 digital marketing facts every small business must know •Having an effective social media presence can increase sales by 20%.

  • Responsive web design is now more important than ever with 75% of people using their mobile device as their primary way to access the internet.
  • Inbound marketing is much cheaper than outbound marketing with an average cost-per-lead of only $10 and a one-time cost of less than $5,000 for software and training. If it's the point of Data, a Digital Marketing agency could help you through this. Make sure to check on STS Digital Solutions.


Digital marketing is a powerful tool that every small business should use to grow their business. By understanding and utilizing the facts above, you can create a loyal audience and increase your sales.

-Loyal customers are more likely to buy from your business again and are more willing to refer others.

-The best way to do this is by posting regularly on social media and interacting with them through email.

-Be sure not to oversell or bombard them with too many ads or offers though