Sudden drastic changes in the world climate have posed challenges for real estate, as people are getting more and more wary when it comes to choosing a place to live. Unfortunately, due to the constant intensive commercial activities transpiring in Dubai, the city has become notorious for its abundant greenhouse gas emission.  To counter such challenges, the city’s Municipality has imposed regulations, commonly known as AL SA’FAT,  have mandated requirements for new homes with improved infrastructure that can potentially reduce the consumption of natural resources.  Hence, now the builders in Dubai are introducing an increasing number of sustainable homes with environmentally conscious features installed in them. Down below are some of the places in Dubai with excellent sustainable strategies that can be rented and bought. You can explore the options if you wish to find Central Park City Walk Dubai apartment.

Al Barari

Surrounded by cascading water, lakes and streams of sparkling freshwater, Al Barari is a place with lots of lush green spaces and villas that are built with a leaf-like shape to reduce the water consumption and the potential damage to the land. Villas in Al Barari are also powered by solar panels and are surrounded by plants that help lower the temperature and therefore, further help conserve the water.  Therefore, Al Barari is a remarkable destination to be bought.

For nature lovers to get an authentic organic experience and de-stress themselves, Albarari is filled with green clubs and various themed gardens. The Farm is one of the notable restaurants in Al Barari that has lately received an award for its exquisitely fresh food and tranquil ambience. There are moreover, a great many notable spas that can help the tenants to release their stresses.

Sustainable City

For eco-friendly communities in Dubai, The Sustainable city has proved to be a haven for having over 2000 installed trees and villas with energy-efficient appliances. Situated in Dubai land, this landmark has made itself famous for its car-free policy to enhance the green experience for tourists and to protect its residents from hazards of global warming. It has been estimated that there are around 11 biodomes in the sustainable city with an area of 3000 square meters. Some of which are especially conserved for urban farming. With an alarming increase in the percentage of greenhouse gases in the world, the sustainable city can be seen as an ideal residence for more eco-conscious people.

Hillside Luxury Villa

Places that are known to be luxurious and extravagant are oftentimes the ones that are most destructive to the earth’s atmosphere, this, however, is not true in case of Hillside Luxury Villas. Hillside hosts a number of green villas to satiate the environmentally-conscious customers. It is infested with thermal insulation and glazed thermal barriers on walls to keep the interiors of the villas from heating up. Additionally, the solar panels on the roof are also added to collect the heat energy, which is plenty enough to be transformed into electric energy and further be stored to buffer the temperature inside the villas if the temperature drops on cold nights. Hillside is rightfully commended for being one of the most well known eco-friendly places that aim to achieve the idealism of green tomorrow. If you are looking for a apartment for rent in Dubai, you can try the Central Park City Walk.