The term “Javascript” is no longer alienated. In fact, in today’s ever-changing times, Javascript is one such technology or concept or framework that happens to stand still on its very own top spot. And why not, since the multi-functional language successfully supports event-driven, functional, object-oriented and prototype-based programming styles? There was a time when Javascript was preferred for client-side rendering, fortunately, things have changed to a great extent now! Today, not just client-side but server-side rendering is done successfully. Reactjs, Nodejs, Vue, Angular, Meteor, and Backbone Js are some of the best Javascript Frameworks available, which we will discuss further in the post. 

It has been more than 2 decades since Javascript manages to power many websites and web applications across the globe. Now  I have come across many of you who have this misconception that Javascript language and Javascript framework are one and the same( of course, I am talking about the non-techies here). Well, so let’s get started here!

Introducing the Javascript Framework

Top Javascript Frameworks to use in 2022                                                                  

1. Reactjs 
2. Node.js 
3. Angular 
4. Vue 
5. Emberjs


Introducing the Javascript Framework

Much like other available frameworks, Javascript enables developers irrespective of their knowledge and expertise to create dynamic, robust, and scalable javascript applications. As mentioned earlier, you will find a wide range of Javascript frameworks and each one of a kind. Overall, you need to know that the Javascript framework is a full toolset that assists well in developing, shaping and managing the website for the long run.

Not just that! Javascript frameworks ease a developer’s life to a great extent. Here programmers can seamlessly use some of the most up-to-date features and functionalities without the unnecessary need of going through coding and doing everything from scratch. In fact, in each one of the Javascript frameworks, you will find a wide range of relatable and relevant templates that can assist software developers in building a strong foundation. In addition, here programmers can successfully share some added functionality sooner or later to the web page.

Further, I would like to focus on some of the best Javascript Frameworks to consider in 2022.

Top Javascript Frameworks to use in 2022

1. Reactjs

One of the leading Javascript frameworks is Reactjs. No wonder, Dropbox, Instagram, AirBnb, Walmart, Skype, Pinterest, and Wix, are some of the top companies vouching for Reactjs every now and then. Before we get started here you should know that Reactjs and React Native are quite different from each other. React or Reactjs is an open-source Javascript library mainly used to develop intimidating UI for web applications like never before. Whereas React Native is a framework that is strictly recommendable for developing mobile applications. Jordan Walke was the mastermind behind Reactjs. Why is Reactjs so popular in the realm? Well, the framework is easy to learn and get started with, here components can be used again and again, it features virtual DOM, and of course, seems to be quite SEO-friendly, I mean what’s there not to like?

In addition to all this,  React works extravagantly with component-based user interfaces, here you can build blocks in quite a flexible manner, and developing large applications is quite feasible here. Since the Javascript community is large and active, you can receive immense support whenever in need.

2. Node.js

Another leading Javascript framework is Node.js. I should say one of the leading backend javascript frameworks that have been built on the V8 engine under MIT license. Several top companies of the world use node js such as LinkedIn, Netflix, Uber, Trello, and Paypal have been found making the most of Node.js. And why not, since the framework offers a plethora of advantages such as:

  • Easy to use and integrate
  • Scaling up is no more a big question here
  • Asynchronous and non-blocking thread execution
  • Fast Processing and event-based model
  • The Node Package Manager
  • Large and active community

So when exactly one must prefer the Nodejs framework? Well, if you want an app that features real-time data streaming. You see Node.js comprises of asynchronous nature due to which developing such apps is possible. Apart from this, Node.js is pretty much suited if you want the framework to act as a Microservice server since it’s quite fast and lightweight.

3. Angular

Another leading javascript framework is Angular. The open-source Javascript framework is highly recommended for developing dynamic applications, single-page applications, and robust and scalable modern-like solutions like never before. Right from being called Angularjs to Angular2, Angular 4, and Angular 5 featuring PWAs, Angular 6, Angular 7, and Angular 9, the journey has never been an easy but fruitful one. Some of the core benefits offered by Angular include:

  • Angular is one such javascript framework that offers efficiency in problem-solving. By making the most of dependency injection and its services, code can be more readable and there are least possible chances for bugs and errors.
  • Here there is quite a possibility for DOM manipulation. DOM mainly stands for Document Object Model through which developers can seamlessly keep tabs on all the ongoing updates.
  • Another interesting feature of Angular is Two-way binding. Any change made will be automatically reflected in the UI as well.
  • Angular has the structural elements that make it a perfect tool for a front-end developer. Whether it's MVC or MVVM, both models can be seamlessly followed making code reusable and enhancing overall efficiency and productivity.

4. Vue

Another interesting Javascript framework that must be taken into account is Vue. The lightweight Javascript framework was developed in 2016 and since then there was no looking back. Today Vue is considered as one of the mainstream javascript frameworks and has proven its worth by offering a plethora of benefits such as virtual DOM, Data binding, Template, CSS transition and animation, templates and whatnot!

When to choose Vue over other Javascript frameworks? Well, when you want to build PWAs and other Single Page Applications. Also, Vue is considered when you are in desperate need of comprehensive documentation and a shallow learning curve. No wonder, this one is called one of the best progressive javascript frameworks worth considering. So again, why consider Vue?

  • Simple to use - Since it is lightweight and versatile. It’s quite easy to use and that surely doesn’t mean it lacks in regards to features and functionalities. All you need to look for is a web developer carrying expertise in three technologies - Javascript, HTML and CSS. There are no exclusive requirements for Vue.
  • Progressiveness - Apart from being simpler to use, we have progressiveness here. In other words, Vue in comparison to other Javascript frameworks is pretty much adaptable. In fact, Vue can be easily added to your HTML code especially when you are making any kind of transition from one framework to another.
  • Community - Now this is a must! Vue comprises a wide range of community and support. So here from local developers to veterans, you can receive help from anyone around. Here one can expect excellent and responsive support. In fact, most of the queries have a track record of getting solved within a matter of hours.

5.    Emberjs

Another interesting javascript framework that is highly used for backend projects is Emberjs. Since its inception in 2015, the framework seems to have slowly and steadily made quite progress. Some of the core features of Ember include two-way binding, Ember CLI, and above all, Amber turns out to be one of the most reliable platforms especially when it comes to handling complicated user interfaces. Some of the key benefits of Ember includes:

  • Ease of use
  • HTML and CSS
  • Routes
  • Easy Debugging
  • Templating

Do you know what’s more fascinating about Ember? It enables more and more developers to develop single-page applications by simply incorporating common idioms and best practices into the framework itself. In contradiction to traditional model-view-controller (MVC) architecture, components in Ember.js are central to the framework.


On and all, Javascript frameworks are many! Choosing the right framework for the right project is what matters the most! I hope you did find the following post on the top Javascript frameworks worth a read. If so, feel free to share this with your peers and help us in spreading the word in the least amount of time possible. In case, if you are still confused about which Javascript framework to choose, you can definitely find a reliable and reputable web development company that can understand your needs and deliver amazing results in the nick of time.