safe environment harmony

Safe environment and human contact with animals

The world, as we know it, revolves around an ecosystem; the safe environment harmony between animalistic existence and human development. The issue that threatens...
Coca cola recycling

Coca-cola recycling, a second life for each bottle

Coca-Cola recycling is the company's engagement for recycling all Coca-Cola's bottles around the world. The company has expressed its desire to help create a...
The Covid-19 pandemic infects humanity

The impact of Covid-19 on the environment, economy and social life

The Covid-19 pandemic infects humanity, freezes the global economy, destroys lives, and the list goes on. It's complicated to see the positive in this...
environmental psychology

Preserving the environment and its psychology

Environment and psychology are very two different fields in what is perceived to be the critical conversations that we must have as a species....
The sources of marine pollution

Marine pollution: the oceans the trash can of the world

Marine pollution is 100 % of human origin and consists of 80 % plastic. According to a study by the Ellen McArthur Foundation, it...