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Tourism in Singapore
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When you think about travel and tourism, Singapore must come first in your mind. Why? There are many reasons to give Singapore a top priority of your travel destination. Singapore is well known as one of the safest countries with the lowest crime rate in the world. The country is known to be very clean and green. It has the greatest and most amazing hotels and tourist resorts. Singapore is also famous for the best and most enjoyable airlines in the world, and it is one of the richest countries since its economy is one of the strongest economies in the world. In addition to that, the education system in Singapore is one of the best in the world; Singapore mathematics has been adopted by many countries, including the USA. Despite its small population, the number of tourists exceeds 15 million. The country’s national income is approximately 300 billion dollars.

Singapore is an amazing city, as it is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations that you must not miss to visit and travel to, and put it on the list of cities that you want to travel for tourism. The most beautiful thing about tourism in Singapore is the friendly and cooperative people, you will be pleased with a wonderful welcome from the people and residents of the city of Singapore, and you will never feel bored and alienated. Learn through this article about exciting and interesting things you can do in Singapore and the important Singapore travel tips if you intend to travel there soon.

Important travel tips about Singapore

Best time to travel to Singapore

There are two distinct seasons. The dry season; from November to March and the wet season from June to September. The temperature remains essentially the same throughout the year. However, the higher humidity during summer will tend to increase the impression of heat. Singapore is located on the equator, which means the climate remains difficult to predict. It is finally possible to travel there all year round.

Transport in Singapore

Transport in Singapore
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There are three main means of transportation in Singapore; Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), buses, and taxis; you can take the MRT right upon your arrival at the airport. MRT network covers all the main districts of the city and allows you to visit the main sites of the center. If you decide to go to the center of the island, for example, to visit the zoo or night safari, you will need to take a taxi.

Their prices are affordable, and the companies very well supervised. Singapore also has a well-developed bus network.

The island also has a monorail that connects the port to Sentosa Island. Finally, a cable car takes you to Mount Faber, the port and the island of Sentosa. It is a full-fledged attraction that offers a 360 ° view of the city and the bay. It is a particularly pleasant means of transport to take in the evening and when the city lights up. The Singapore Cable Car also offers dinner onboard its cabin. In this case, you will perform 3 complete rotations for a total duration of 90 min.


The local currency is the Singapore dollar. It is very easy to get it. You can change your money on-site at any bank, exchange office, or at most hotels in the city. Singapore has many distributors, and if necessary, many shops will allow you to pay for your purchases by credit card. If you do not wish to use Singapore dollars, euros and US dollars will be accepted without difficulty.


The four main languages in Singapore are Malay, Chinese, Tamil,  and English, and most of its people know English since it is the official business language, so you don’t have to worry about the language.


Food is varied in Singapore; there is Malay Indian – Chinese – Italian -Spanish, and Indian food, and most of it is seafood. You have many choices, and you can try many different types of food, and do not worry, you’ll also find international restaurants easily available in Singapore such as Kentucky, Burger King, and others.

Those are the most important thing that you need to know when you travel to Singapore; let us now move to the best places to visit in Singapore.
These are the most famous and most visited sites in Singapore.

Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay
(Image: © Sergio Sala/unsplash)

One of the most beautiful gardens in the world is the Gardens by the Bay or the Gardens of the Gulf, and it is considered one of the most famous places of tourism in Singapore. It is a very large and beautiful park, and it includes three gardens on the waterfront and is characterized by many wonderful views.

Do not forget to visit the forest of clouds in the Gulf Gardens, and do not forget to take wonderful pictures on the bridge suspended with a distinctive panoramic background of the gardens, as well as a number of cafes and restaurants.

Sky Park

sky park
(Image: © karan jariwala/unsplash)

Do you dream of the most wonderful day in the life? Then it is recommended to book in the “Marina Bay Sands” hotel where you can swim in 3 upper swimming pools. Located on the 56th floor with a length of 150 meters and 191 meters from the ground, unfortunately, only the residents of the hotel can be swimming, but visitors are allowed to take great pictures.

Marina Bay Sands is a complete product on the front of Marina Bay, and it includes 2561 rooms, in addition to shopping malls, the Museum of Art and Science, and many fine restaurants.

In addition to enjoying the very luxurious mall with a distinctive design consisting of 3 towers topped by a ship sailing between clouds!

Merlion Park

Merlion Park
(Image: © Li Yang/unsplash)

One of the most touristic places in Singapore, the town of the lion, which is the symbol of tourism in Singapore, and it is a mythical creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish and its name combines “mer” and means the sea and “lion.” “Singa” or “Lion’s Head” represents Singapore.

There are many tourists who go to the park; there is also a walkway with many cafes and restaurants. You can also take a cruise to enjoy the park and take the most beautiful pictures.

Next to the park, there are many different attractions, such as the Museum of Art and Science, as well as Gardens by the Bay.

Henderson Bridge

One of the most famous and most beautiful bridges in architecture according to the opinions of architectural and design experts. The bridge that connects Teluk belanga, and Faber Park is very popular with tourists in the state of Singapore, and everyone races during their visits to Singapore to take a memorial photo on the paths of this bridge.

Corrugated Bridge, was originally built to be a walkway for citizens in Singapore, then, the government saw that it should be turned into a tourist destination because of the high accuracy in its design and implementation, and it was classified as one of the most beautiful bridges in the world.

Kusu Island

Kusu Island
(Image: © Aung Kyaw Hein/unsplash)

This island is located about 6 km from the main island of Singapore. One of the most beautiful places that you can visit during your travel to Singapore, there is a wonderful picturesque nature and beautiful temples, Mt. Bogong Temple. There is also a distinct group of turtles. It will be an exciting experience to visit that island, and you will have fun times wandering around and exploring it closely.

Sentosa Island

(Image: © Luiz Centenaro/unsplash)

Sentosa Island is one of the distinctive tourist destinations in Singapore, which includes the most important recreational places in addition to the finest resorts.

The island attracts about 5 million visitors annually, whether from the local population or tourists from all over the world.

Universal Studio Singapore

Universal Studios
(Image: © Ilyani Nasir/unsplash)

One of the most prominent tourist places in Singapore is the Universal Studios famous park located in Sentosa Island; it is annually visited by millions of tourists to watch the tools of the global cinema industry in countries and enjoy the experience of distinct types of games.

Universal Studio includes seven exciting places that invite tourists to discover and spend a special time inside:

Hollywood, New York, the future, ancient Egypt, the lost world, fantasy film celebrities, and Madagascar.

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