Eight signs to tell you that you are in good health

in good health
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Some sicknesses are asymptomatic and silent. To know if you’re in good health or not, various signs don’t deceive. Discover which ones.

1- An appetite on time: a good appetite, a sign of good health

Eating gives energy to the body. It is a vital need and one of the life enjoyments. Have an appetite means that the body functions well if it is “real hunger,” a hunger triggered by physiological mechanism and not by stress, boredom, etc.… are responsible for snacking, which is bad for health.

Our organism is composed of hormones that regulate the appetite: the ghrelin and leptin.

The ghrelin is a digestive hormone that stimulates appetite: its rate is high before meals and diminishes when the stomach is full.

Leptin is a hormone produced by the stomach that induced satiety while its rate increases.
Have an appetite and filing the stomach by balanced meals guarantee good health and contribute to preserving it.

2- A healthy glow

Our face reflects our health condition: the appearance of skin, eyes, and mouth are criterion that detects an underneath problem.

The skin is the mirror of our health. Pale skin with dark circles means a sickness, physical fatigue, and/or mental. Thus the rest is necessary. If, despite all, the fatigue persists and the skin condition doesn’t improve, you should see a doctor.

NB: we can look pale and be healthy; it all depends on the carnation. Some people have a very pale carnation by nature, without being unhealthy.

3- A healthy nails

The nails are a reliable indicator of good health. They should be soft, pink, and without roughness. If it’s not the case, they could be a dysfunction indicator, notably hormonal.

If they are stripped, they could signify that the organism is in lack of zinc or copper or it suffers from digestive problems.

NB: the white spots on the nails don’t mean a lack of calcium.
They appear due to a nail shock, and they are not directly linked to an internal health problem.

Our nails constitute a precious indicator of deficiency, if not sicknesses. When we are healthy, they are pink, strong, and soft. Their color and appearance are indicators of our health. If they are stripped, you are probably suffering from hypothyroid or anemia.

If they are too pale, if not white, it is a sign of bad blood circulation and probably anemia. If they are yellowish, it’s due to smoking. If you are not a smoker, a mycosis or sinusitis may be in doubt.
If tour nails are brittle and duplicate, it’s the sign of iron deficiency, zinc, or vitamin B. and you have to cure To remedy.

White spots on your nails. Lack of calcium

4- A pink tongue

A pink tongue, uninflated and free of mouth ulcers, shows general good health.
If instead, the tongue is white and seems inflated, it’s better to see a doctor, especially if it’s accompanied by halitosis or a sensation of “dry mouth.”

This may be a symptom of a mycosis, digestion troubles, hepatic troubles (Cirrhosis), an infected area, if not a pre-cancer.

It may also reveal mouth candidiasis due to Candida albicans.

5- A strong and shiny hair

A healthy person has strong and shiny hair. However, if they are brittle or getting lost, they may reveal a deficiency or a dangerous sickness.

Equally, a safe scalp skin that doesn’t itch doesn’t have skin flakes and doesn’t burn means generally good health. If it’s not the case, this may reveal a silent sickness or merely a non-appropriate cosmetic use (too aggressive or too nourishing)

6- You don’t lose hair

Losing some hair every day is quite typical; it’s the natural cycle of the hair. Therefore, make sure that if you lose some hair is the sign of good health.

Likewise, if they are shiny, thick, and soft, this shows the fact that you eat healthily, and you don’t have any deficiency.

7- A good sleep

The balance of the body is reached, notably with a night of good restful sleep.

If it’s easy to fall asleep, the rhythm sleep/wake is well established, if there is no nocturnal
awakening, sleep apnea, or nightmare, it means that the body and the mind are in good health.
In opposite, insomnia, or rather hypersomnia without remedial effects of sleep, should be consulted.

Sleep is the ideal aspect of evaluating the quality of your life mode! An individual needs to sleep at least 8 hours per night. You don’t even need an alarm clock if you wake up every day at the same hour. It’s a good thing because it proves that your body has sufficiently rested.

8- Tonicity and energy

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines the health as “ a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being, and doesn’t consist only of lack of sicknesses or infirmity “

Feeling good, not to feel any local or widespread pains, the sensation of the body and mental wellbeing are indicators of good health.

Noting that, temporary fatigue is not necessarily a sickness. It is a signal of the body inviting to rest. If instead, the fatigue lasts, or the recovery is inexistent despite the rest, you should consult.

To be in good health, it is advisable to sleep at least 8 hours per night. If it’s your case and you fall asleep like a baby without waking up, this means that you are in excellent health.

You don’t have insomnia, you have found your sleep rhythm, and you don’t consume any excitement before going to bed. You have also understood that you shouldn’t watch screens one hour before sleeping. Congratulations!

Originally published on Live Positively.

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