What is cooking and what are the techniques of cooking?

the technique of cooking
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The definition of cooking is the practice of combining and mixing ingredients and adding some spices to have food ready for eating. The concept of cooking in modern times differs from ancient times since cooking is no more just a way to satisfy hunger. Still, it becomes like art in preparing food and serving different beautiful dishes rich with ingredients.

The importance of cooking

Changing the texture, the flavor, and the form of food, since humans can’t enjoy eating raw meats, thus using some cooking techniques will help to transform those raw meats into edible food ready to be eaten. The method used in cooking food affects the flavor of food directly; for example, grilling differs from poaching and frying.
Cooking helps the body to digest better, as the body can’t get enough nutrients from raw foods, thus cooking helps the nutrients to interact together and let the body benefits from them.
Food, in general, is an appropriate environment for germs, bacteria, and viruses, but by cooking food, those pollutants will be killed.

Cooking techniques

Cooking techniques are a set of methods used to preparing food, and they differ from a recipe to another depending on the kind of food (vegetables, meat,…..) here below some of the cooking techniques.

– Grilling
Using this technique, food is cooked on a high temperature on charcoal or ceramic stone, which leads to brown different foods and giving it a special flavor. The most appropriate foods for grilling are foods that require a long time to be cooked and need a cut into small pieces such as meat; to ensure its ripeness from the inside just as the outside. The difficulty that lies in such cooking technique is to reach the ripeness of food needed without browning or burning food. The degree of cooking can be controlled by bringing the food closer or just moving it away from fire.

– Browning or roasting
It is a cooking technique in which food is cooked inside the oven by browning; using the hot air circulating around the food, this technique is appropriate for different foods, in particular, the foods that need a long time to be cooked in addition to big pieces of meat.

– Deep frying
This technique consists of cooking food by putting it inside the hot oil. This cooking technique gives a particular form and flavor to food in addition to its crunchiness. This cooking technique is suitable for small pieces of food, and for the food that doesn’t need a long time to be cooked, this cooking technique is known to be a fast technique. However, specialists advise not to consume a lot of frying foods because it is not healthy due to the resulting fats.

– Sautéeing
It is among the most used cooking techniques, especially in restaurants; this cooking technique needs dry-heat cooking, by using a hot pan and a small piece of butter or oil for cooking vegetables, and meats quickly. Sautéing consists of browning foods on the surface and gives a unique flavor and aromas.

– Simmering
It is a cooking technique that consists of cooking food in hot water, It’s a gentle technique where food is cooked at a temperature below the boiling point.

– Baking
It is a technique of cooking food that needs a dry heat. Baked food is usually done in an enclosed space such as an oven but also in hot stones. The most common baked food is bread, cakes ….

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