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Whether you are a writer, a journalist, a doctor, a teacher or someone else with ideas and knowledge, this is your home where you can write and share your emotions and inspirations about any topic. Express yourself and allow your ideas to move forward to serve others positively.

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1.How do you start writing on Live Positively?

  • If you are a new user click on sign In and fill in your information.
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  • A dashboard with a simple interface will appear where you can create your articles.

2.Who can write on Live Positively?

Everyone can write and publish on Live Positively. whether you are a professional in writing or have never written before, it’s simple just get started, set and focus on your ideas and let them move forward.

More about writing and publishing on Live Positively

Who will read my publications on Live Positively?

Anyone who use the internet and who is interested in reading can reach and benefit from your writings.