All About Lung Cancer; Symptoms, Causes, and different Treatments

Lung cancer usually starts in mid-fifties or sixties. Smoking is responsible for 80% to 90% of lung cancer cases. Lung cancer is particularly threatening because...

What is bipolar disorder, what are its causes, symptoms, and treatment?

We talk more and more about "bipolar disorder" or "manic depression." Although this disease is sometimes difficult to diagnose, there are specific symptoms and...

Overcoming fear of diabetes using these tips

1. Knowledge about diabetes Having diabetes can be demanding, unpleasant, and incredibly impactful to the quality of your life, relationships, decisions, and overall mindset. However,...

Seasonal allergy, definition, symptoms, and treatments

Seasonal allergies also called allergic rhinitis, pollinosis, or hay fever. Characterized by a series of symptoms that occur systematically at the same time of...

Definition of diabetes, symptoms and treatments

Definition of diabetes; diabetes is a chronic and untreatable disease. It is caused by a lack or failure to use a hormone called insulin,...

Foot gout and the many ways of dealing with it

Foot gout is a highly complex case of arthritis that attacks the ankle area, precisely the big toe. Many doctors do not recommend some...



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travel china guide

How to well prepare your travel to China? A guide for a memorable trip

Travel to China; the third-largest country in the world. A prosperous country in terms of tourism, there are vast plains, mountainous regions with snow-capped...
travel to iceland packages

Travel to Iceland, the land of ice and fire and the gateway to the...

Travel to Iceland, land of extremes and contrasts, on the edge of the Arctic Circle. This is the opportunity for fabulous geology, glaciers, volcanoes,...
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Travel to Argentina; the essential to know

Are you looking for a surprising and exotic trip? Travel to Argentina is the best choice. Prepare your walking shoes and your camera because...
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Accommodation, transport, and food, a complete guide to travel to germany

A travel to Germany is not like any other destination that you may have visited. Germany is among the most attractive countries for visitors...


What and how to introduce Infant food from 1 month to...

Infant food baby
During the baby's first year, his diet changes dramatically. After exclusive breastfeeding or the bottle, you will gradually introduce the different foods into baby's meals. This is the start of the great adventure of...

Different tasty and healthy rice recipes to enjoy

healthy rice recipes
Rice recipes; economic and nutritious, rice is the perfect food that we always have in our cupboards. How to cook it without falling into the routine? With spices, crunchy vegetables, rice salad, sushi burger,...

Environment, Health, and Safety, definition, and engineering function

Environment protection safety
1. Environment, health, and safety Environment, health, and safety designate a methodology for risk control and business management in hygiene, health/safety, and the environment. This methodology makes use of specific standards repositories, the application of...

Ten main reasons proving that education is important in human’s life

Why education is important
Why education is important? On the spiritual plane, education is teaching, which raises the level of reflection of the mind and brings it to wisdom. Education enables the mind to reason for itself. It...


Baby’s food recipes from 6 to 12 months

baby food recipes
Baby’s food diversification means the infant passes exclusively from milk consumption to various foods, including grains, vegetables, fruits, meat, and fish. It comes to the gradual passage from one lunchbox pattern to another when...

Algeria travel tips, a complete guide to experience the beautiful country

algeria travel tips
Algeria travel tips is our subject for today’s article. The largest country in the Maghreb but also the most unknown, a travel to Algeria, the largest country in Africa, remains the best-suited thing for...

What are the common respiratory diseases?

asthma women
Respiratory diseases; affect the airways, including nasal passages, bronchi, and lungs. From pneumonia to bronchitis to bronchiolitis, asthma, COPD, or lung cancer, all of these diseases affect the respiratory system. Discomfort when breathing, a...

Chicken dish; what is the right cooked temp of chicken?

what is the cooked temperature of chicken
“cooked temp of chicken“; You want to cook chicken? You are not sure of cooking time and temperature, and you don't know when it's fully cooked? Confused about the cooking temperature, if it is...