What are the important things you must know before traveling to Japan?

travel to japan
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If you dream to travel to Japan for vacation. This travel guide will help you with all the tips and information that you need to know before your trip to Japan; the “land of the rising sun,” from what to eat to how much money you need, to transportation to the best things to do in Japan, we’re covering everything.

General information about traveling and tourism in Japan


Actually it is not necessary to get a SIM card during your travel in Japan. WiFi is shared, and you’ll find it in hotels or hostels, as well as in several coffee shops and restaurants around the country, and you can easily keep in touch with friends and family at home through apps like Skype and Messenger, and WhatsApp.

Currency: The Japanese currency is yen ( ¥ ). The current exchange rate is as follows:

USD: $1 = ¥110
British Pound: £1 = ¥153
Euro: €1 = ¥135
Australian Dollar: $1 = ¥88

Tip: it would be useful to download a converter app on your phone to know the exchange rate for your selected currency at the time of your trip to Japan.

Tax-free: It would be better to carry your passport with you especially while shopping, to get the tax free, it will be exempted at the shop and will be registered to your passport.

Currency exchange: It’s forbidden to accept foreign currencies at shops and restaurants; you have to carry Japanese Yen for your trip to Japan.

Transportation: Japan rails: used to transport between the cities and inside Disney City.

There is also the Japan rail pass; the best way to save money is by buying the Japan Rail Pass. It is a high price to pay but if you plan to visit both Tokyo and Kyoto, buying the pass will save your money.
The taxi is used for everyday transport, and the price is affordable, but the Japan rails are cheaper.
While moving from a city to another, make sure to be a travel light (don’t take a lot of luggage), especially when taking the train because it’s forbidden.

Essential travel tips to Japan

  • Before your trip to Japan, make sure to download some useful applications; such as Google, translate Google maps, Trip Advisor application, useful in restaurants, a currency converter, and a voice translator such as Narita.
  • Make sure to carry a plastic bag while moving because you’ll not find trash cans on public roads.
  • The bad period to travel to Japan in July and August because of the high temperature, especially during the day.
  • When in a restaurant be aware not to give a tip because it’s a big insult for the Japanese
  • Don’t pass the queue line; otherwise, you’ll be expelled.
  • Don’t smoke in public open spaces; otherwise, you’ll be subject to a penalty.
  • Don’t speak loudly on trains, because of most of the Japanese sleep in trains.
  • Be sure to leave your place clean, especially in self-service restaurants.

Japan is more than 3000 islands, situated in the Pacific Ocean. Japan has been as an inaccessible country; however it is becoming one of the best destinations in the world, many tourists are traveling to Japan every year, attracted by the fresh sushi, the amazing trains rides, and the fascinating culture and traditions.

A trip to Japan is quietly a trip to another planet, the country of Manga and technology; hereafter the most important places to visit in Japan:


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When modernity and tradition are mixed together, it gives Tokyo, the capital city of Japan. We can say that all that you need, you’ll find it in Tokyo. In Tokyo, you can visit the Japanese temples and take a walk in its modern business streets. Thus, Tokyo is a different city where traditions and new technologies live together in harmony.


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Osaka, the third biggest city after Tokyo and Yokohama, this city will delight your heart, Osaka is a different colorful city, the first aspect that will for sure surprise you, is the friendliness of its inhabitants. Moreover, Osaka is famous for its food; restaurants are cheaper compared to Tokyo. There are a lot of Yatai (street restaurants) with their food specialty, the Takoyaki.


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Kyoto Japan, known as imperial Japan for more than 1000 years, it is considered as the heart of Japanese traditional culture; thus it’s an essential city to visit in Japan, it’s also a crowded city during the touristic season in Japan.


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Disney resort is the attraction park of Mickey universe, exploited by Walt Disney Company, situated at Maihama- Tokyo, and it’s composed of two distinct parts, which one of them is exclusive to Japan. Disney resort is the most visited attraction in the world; in Disney Park, you’ll find trading adapted to the local culture, as well as rise spoons, sticks, plastic pocket, keychain, and much more stuff with Disney characters. Disney resort is a wonderful attraction to visit in Japan.

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