How can you enjoy your travel to Morocco in seven days?

How can you enjoy your travel to Morocco
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Traveling to Morocco, is one of the amazing touristic adventures around the world, especially during the Muslims’ feast where Morocco becomes more beautiful, nothing is marvelous than wandering in the magical Chefchaouen city, enjoying the monuments in Marrakech city or relaxing under the sky Agadir.
In the subsequent article, we are going to give you a touristic plan of seven days, including the most important touristic monuments in Marrakech, Agadir, and Chefchaouen, in addition to hotels and restaurants.

Marrakech/ 3 days

If you need a summer resort, there is no better than Marrakech, where you’ ll find all that you need, markets, baths (Hamam), gardens, in addition to an important and amazing touristic and religious monuments.

Important monuments in Marrakech

Majorelle garden

Majorelle garden is one of the most beautiful gardens that attract tourists for its detailed design and the wonderful mixture of colors and nature. The garden is full of various and rare plants from the five continents. Majorelle is the name of the French artist Jack Majorelle who designed and realized the garden.

Marrakech market

A big market, one of the richest Moroccan markets, it includes different valuables, cheap, and average prices. In addition to its strategic location, the market is dominated by its authentic Moroccan character, where the traditional clothing, furniture, and tools are exposed. It has an enjoyable and loud ambiance with the sounds of sellers and Moroccan music.

El Bahia castle

It was built during the era of the Allaouite state and considered as one of the historical monuments that appeal to tourists from all over the world to enjoy the Moroccan architecture, in particular, the xylography, the castle contains several royal pavilions, halls, basins, and gardens.

Ali ben Youcef school

One of the most known schools in Morocco, it’s an architectural masterpiece, built on1346 AD, it was a stronghold for scholars and writers, and it gathered students of sciences and knowledge. Different sciences especially the religious studies were studied in this school before it becomes a tourist attraction and an ancient masterpiece which indicates the Moroccan civilization

Kasbah Mosque

The Kasbah Mosque in Marrakech is the most significant historical Mosque in the Arab Maghreb. At first, it was just a small neighborhood Mosque, and then it becomes one of the biggest Mosques where Friday prayers are held. Its strong and vast constructions characterize the Kasbah Mosque; the prayer hall is divided into seven naves and nine bays, two corridors on which big pillars are supported. Its platform is one of the most famous platforms where prayers are held, according to Hanafi Madhhab.

A suggested hotel in Marrakech

Ryad Bakafana hotel

This hotel is characterized by its location in one of the amazing places in Marrakech city; it’s closer to Majorelle garden, which is one of the most prominent touristic monuments in Marrakech and Morocco in general. The hotel is famous for its reasonable prices. The hotel offers different services; attractions, baths, open-air pool, and other facilities, in addition to its distinct restaurant that provides different dishes and meals, so be sure not to miss it.

A suggested restaurant

Lunch restaurant; Marrakech

Lunch restaurant in Marrakech makes you feel the real Morocco atmosphere; the restaurant provides local, French, and western dishes. As it is located close to many touristic monuments in Marrakech, such as El-Fna Mosque and Dar Sidi Said Museum.

Chafchaouen/ 2 days

The city where the Muslims were gathered after their expulsion from Andalusia. Adventure; seek for the new, and the discovery of beautiful moments are offered by nature in Chafchaouen. This wonderful city is characterized by its amazing neighborhood streets and colorful buildings with blue and white; thus, nothing is beautiful than wandering in its unique and old streets.

Important monuments in Chafchaouen


It’s located in the western part of Chafchaouen city; it’s surrounded by walls with ten towers built according to the Andalusian style. The Kasbah contains a big garden with two basins, in addition to the ethnographic museum, which is located in the northern part.

The big Mosque

Characterized by its large area and its octagonal silo, it contains a wooden chandelier in the middle of the Mihrab. It’s unique as for the construction materials and the old decoration. The Mosque has a strategic location since it’s close to the Kasbah and the Al –Hamam square.

Swica street

Considered as the eldest residence built after the Kasbah, it contains old houses colored with blue and white. Its mural fountain is one of the most famous fountains in the city due to its decoration.

Suggested hotel in Chafchaouen

Lina Ryad and Spa hotel

One of the luxurious hotels in Chafchaoun city, characterized by its affordable prices compared to its luxury services, the price of one night in this hotel is no more than 150 dollars. It offers many vital facilities, such as spa, health club, pool, and other services. The hotel is situated close to Hassen II Street, one of the most important streets in Chafchaouen city, which makes it a great starting point to discover the city.

Suggested restaurant in Chafchaouen

Darcom restaurant

Known for its western and Moroccan dishes, in addition to its elegant and traditional design. The restaurant is located in one of the most popular places in Chafchaouen, as it’s close to the Kasbah and the big Mosque.

Agadir/ 2 days

Agadir is among the biggest cities in Morocco, located on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean near the Atlas Mountains, and it’s one of the most important tourist destinations as it includes many tourist attractions, spas, golf courses, clean beaches, gardens, and parks.

Important monuments in Agadir

Beauty and horse-riding

For the lovers of horse riding, all beauty in Agadir and Sowira in the south, you can ride horses in the desert or on the beach, a wonderful adventure.

Taghazout beach

The beach was named according to the neighboring village, the Berber Taghazout village famous for its amazing and attractive beaches and its mild climate both in summer and winter. The beach overlooks at the Atlantic Ocean to reveal the beauty of the vast blue.

Birds’ valley

The garden occupies 2.5 hectares in the center of Agadir, it gathers birds from South America and Asia, and mammals such as sheep and monkeys, in addition to different rare trees.

Suggested hotel in Agadir

Agadir Beach club hotel

If you are like to stay in a good hotel near to the beach in Agadir city and at a reasonable price, then Agadir beach club hotel is the best choice. Located opposite of Agadir beach and characterized as being the most attractive for visitors, it is known for its excellent services with attractive prices, since one night does not exceed 90 dollars.

Suggested restaurant

The Atlas Kasbah restaurant

It’s considered as an oasis of calmness in Agadir since it is far from the hustle and bustle of the crowded city. Located in the Kasbah castle in Agadir, and it’s characterized by its old and elegant design, which makes it attractive to tourists.

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